"Louboutin Red" Paint

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  1. there are quite a few options out there for preserving and restoring our beautiful red soles. i heard plasti-dip is okay but it leaves a trail of red rubber bits wherever you walk. red vibram soles is a good solution but you still have to dye the red trim of the sole to match the rest of the shoe, or trim it down like Stinas'.

    i've decided, why not just use good old fashioned red paint? so the other day i went down to my local paint shop and had them do a perfect match of the CL red sole. i told them it would be used to touch up the sole and to make sure the paint would be safe for that purpose. the paint looks dark pink, but when it dries, it's a dead on match! i painted only the rolandos just to see how it would turn out, and it looks pretty good to me :smile:. another great thing is the paint adds another layer of protection. but like an idiot, i didn't take any before photos. i'll have to paint another pair tonight and take before and after pics. if this is successful and if anyone else is interested, i plan on transferring the paint into 4 ounce jars and listing them for a very modest price (just the cost of the jar and paint). i was required to buy a gallon which is enough to touch up thousands of soles or paint my wife's closet "louboutin red."

    i will post pics tonight but what do you guys think of the idea?
  2. I think the concept is innovative but won't the paint just rub off? I'm interested in what the upkeep would be on this over the long term. Can't wait to see pictures.
  3. I'm wondering too what would be the long-term meaning for the paint. Would it dry hard, like the original laquer, to replenish what had been worn off? Or are we basically just painting over the worn parts? I am all about red paint for touchups, but if you look at my sole wear thread, you will see that my soles need some TLC, and they are really worn. Would this work for those of us who wear the life out of our shoes?
  4. My cobbler used to do this but the paint does wear off eventually. I truly think that the Vibram soles are the best idea because it's thin, it protects the shoe as well as gives you that flash of red.


    However, if you don't mind repainting after every 5-15 wears or so then painting works.
  5. ah, the million dollar question. i seriously doubt this will withstand more than a few wears, just like a brand new pair. my wife works indoors and walks on carpet all day so her soles don't get worn very quicky. i agree that your shoes need some TLC and i don't think the paint will do anything to strengthen the soles. it will just make them look pretty again.

    this definitely is a temporary solution and will require upkeep depending on how much outdoor walking you do.
  6. I would not trust myself to paint my own CLs. Just the thought of ruining my shoes gives me an aneurysm.:sick:
  7. My cobbler has done this to a pair of garibaldi zeppa boots, he did such a great job that the bottom of the soles look practically brand new. I'll try to post some photos tonight, unfortunately the paint will wear away after a few wears.
  8. i have the vibrams on one pair and they're great. i just wish there was a better solution to keep the red trim from showing.

    i actually enjoyed painting the soles last night. i found it to be therapeudic.
  9. what a great idea.. i would love the see pics of how it looks!!
  10. That would be good for touch-ups, but not to treat heavily worn soles.

    This reminds me of the tPF member that spilled Plasti-dip all over her parents white carpet. OMG, who was that??? Her pics looked like a crime scene. :nuts:
  11. #11 May 22, 2008
    Last edited: May 22, 2008

    These are the thinnest vibram I have found. Truthfully they are really not that noticeable[​IMG]
  12. that was hilarious! i wonder how long it took her to pick off all that red rubber from the carpet?

    karwood - i can't see the picture. please repost.
  13. OMG was this recently? I TOTALLY MISSED THAT! That sounds awful/hilarious! Oh poor thing... :wtf:

  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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