Louboutin questions

  1. how is the quality? I do ALOT of walking and I can easily ruin a moderatly priced pair of shoes in 3 months. Also how long does the heel last before it needs to be reheeled.

    Only thing that has kept me from buying designer shoes in the walking/ruining of shoes. I had to throw a pair of heels away today actualy because the sole separated.....after 2 months D:

    Does anyone wear them who does alot of walking? How do they hold up, can they handle being caught in the rain? Whats the comfort level after an hour of walking/on your feet
  2. well it depends on how high the heel is as far as comfort...i can say that my rolandes are very comfy but idk how i'd feel after hours of walking. i mostly wear my shoes out for only about 5 hours. i don't think it'd be a good idea to wear them out in the rain though...if you plan on wearing them everyday you should probably zipsole them at the cobler's
  3. As far as quality goes, they are absolutely no better than any $100 shoes out there IMO. You are paying for the name and that red sole. If you don't mind paying $600 + on a pair of heels, I say go for it. But, if that is a large amount of money for you to pay on shoes I would stay away from them. I know a lot of people love them and don't get me wrong, they are SO HOT and I have 4 pairs, but IMO just not worth the money at all (so I have no idea how I wound up with 4 pairs :graucho:).

    One of my pairs (can't remember the name/style) that were $800 or so are a piece of garbage. The outer sole started separating and collapsing from the middle side of the shoe and could not be fixed because it was a manufacturer defect. I was able to return the shoes because of the defect and I exchanged them for the same pair only to have the exact same problem again and now I am stuck with them.

    I do a minimal amount of walking/standing around in all of my CL's and they are all a 4" heel. My feet feel like they are fractured by the end of the day. As far as the insole quality goes, the tan insole starts to wear away and looks two toned on the inside of the shoe where it is worn away. The insoles also started separating/peeling up on two out of my four pairs and have had to be reglued back down. I am a very meticulous person about all of my bags, shoes, etc. and I have not been able to do anything to prevent this.

    I also had my cobbler put a super thin vibram sole on the bottom of all of my CL's because they wear down so fast. This costs an extra $20 per pair of shoes on top of your initial expendeture to purchase the shoes.

    So, overall this is just my 2 cents and I hope this helped you out, sorry it was not a glowing review for all of you die hard CL fans :sad:
  4. Everyone's got an opinion whether it's positive or negative. Personally I find the quality of CL shoes to be good. I wore the 4" peeptoe platform yoyo zeppa to a wedding in Vegas and all over a casino. Was I completely pain free? No. There was a slight level of discomfort but that is due to the width of my foot rather than the shoe. I did not get any blisters from the shoe, nor did I feel sore the next day as I have from wearing Jimmy Choos or even Taryn Rose--and her shoes are supposed to be designed for comfort.