Louboutin python simple pump - and fashion advice...

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  1. I covet this pair of shoes, and have them on hold to purchase (in store) Saturday:


    would you wear them with? They are a neutral - but I need help "seeing" how versatile they would be... I'm a lawyer in a quasi-funky business environment. Summer: skirts (browns, greys, black) with white blouse; winter, black opaque tights and ???

    Please suggest combinations... Please, ENABLE ME!!!
  2. OMG - these shoes could go with anything!!! Even jeans. I love them!
  3. I know this is lame - but I need examples! Grey? Black? Would you wear these in winter with black opaque tights - and if so, what on top?? Are there any "rules" about python? Do I have to tie them in to anything else, like a belt or a bag?

  4. Great with jeans and a simple fitted tee

    Perfect with a sexy pencil skirt, bare legs and a pussycat bow blouse or plain blose

    Great with an a-line minidress and thick tights in winter

    Definitely wouldn't go coordinating too heavily with these, you want your shoes to be your statement so stick to a simple black bag and black patent skinny belt
  5. I have some python sandals. I wear them as a neutral shoe like black or brown. Since it's a print, I just don't mix it with a second dominant print. It would probably look OK with a subtle print (like tone on tone, pinstrips). I like to use the shoes as a statement too so I tend to wear it with solids. Just don't wear anything too busy and it should look fine.
  6. Piaffe - I have the Simple Pump in Roccia Python and Lizard, and they are great neutral shoes. Wear this python like you would wear any other black, brown or beige shoe - it is very practical and will literally work with just about everything. Even jeans! I wear mine to work and they are EXTREMELY comfortable, it's almost crazy how comfortable this shoe is. I can walk all over NYC with them.
  7. thank you, ladies, this is GREAT!
  8. Piaffe, I have these same simple pumps and get so many compliments on them whenever I wear them. I'm also a lawyer and love how versatile these shoes are.

    You really can wear the Roccia Python Simples with many colors. I prefer to keep my outfits simple whenever I wear them so they stand out even more. For example, last week I wore them with a black Clive DVF dress and carried a red Jimmy Choo Mahala. I have also worn them with browns, navy, and white, and they transition well into a night out or casual on the weekend. They're also one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own.

    These are FANTASTIC shoes and I hope you get them!
  9. Stinam, *thank you* (you truly understand!). For spring/summer, I can totally "see" how these will work with my wardrobe (I am a big fan of neutrals - for example, today, wearing Manolo Butterflo is nude patent; have a non-Campari Manolo mary jane in neutral; also have white patent Manolo Flanga, which I wear as a neutral, etc.)

    Give me your sage wisdom on fall/winter. Historically, I have worn pants with pumps. Do you do a blaque opaque tight with these pumps - and if so, do you wear them with black dresses/suits? Can you give me some specific non-pants fall/winter examples? I have 1 black suit, and more grey skirt separates (not sure how to make these work! grey opaque? is that a faux pas? HELP!)

    My SA has them on hold... I CAN'T WAIT!!
  10. nice!
  11. ohhh they are gorgeous :heart: if you dont mind me asking how much are they instore? any cheaper then ebay?
  12. In Canada, $940 + 14% tax... would be cheaper for me to purchase on ebay with our dollar - but duty on snakeskin??? don't know if they'd even let it in the country!
  13. piaffe that never occured to me! that would be a nightmare! :sad:
    I live in australia and was tempted to get a pair on ebay but now I'm not sure its worth the risk of them not letting them in....
  14. I wear it with black/grey tights, black dresses/suits. No problem at all!! Hope you have no problem getting this.
  15. Where did you find them? I would love a pair of these babies!
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