Louboutin prices in Paris

  1. Hi, wondering if anyone knew the difference in prices for Louboutins in Paris, compared to the US?

    Thank you!
  2. Oh,great question! I am dying to know as well!
  3. Prices are definitely cheaper but from what I heard the Paris boutique actually has a more limited selection compared to the US boutiques.
  4. If they are "cheaper"...are they really cheaper after the exchange rate?
  5. according to my friend they are cheaper even with the exchange rate
  6. I paid €390 (approx us$560) for a pair of 85mm Simple Pumps this week in Louboutin in Paris. The same pair cost 299 pounds (approx €450 or us$613) in Pamela Jenkins in London. The shoe is currently on Saks for us$530 - seems to be cheaper in the USA.

    Hope that helps. :flowers:
  7. with the exchange rate it's a bit cheaper in the US. Even with the VAT refund
  8. Thanks for the great info. I am totally surprised, I would have expected Paris to have a huge selection and much better prices than the US. Good to know!
  9. It's not cheaper but they do have a lot more (lotsa crocs) selection.