Louboutin Pigalles less then $200!

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  1. Can you even believe it? I went to the Designer Shoe Outlet in LA (my like now VERY favorite place - LOL) and found these Pigalles for less than $200! I guess they didnt really know what they are because they were in with a bunch of much lower quality heels! So you know I HAD to have them, right?
    Andreas leopard pigalles1.JPG Andreas leopard pigalles 3.JPG
  2. Those are soo hot! Ive been looking for leapord shoes lately. what is the name of the outlet?
  3. Good for you!!!
  4. oh my what a deal ...... I have those
  5. Wow! You're so lucky. Congrats on your purchase.
  6. thats a real bargain!! congrats!! :yes:
  7. Wow great deal!
  8. THAT, my dear, is the bargain of the century. Good for you. Hot shoes.
  9. omg im so jealousssss if you find any in a 35.5 please let me know im willing to pay finders fee! those are so HOT :nuts:
  10. Those are hot. That was a great deal.
  11. Those are beautiful. What other sizes did they have? Congrats on a great find!
  12. What a terrific deal!
  13. Where is the outlet?
  14. Ooh - soo hot! What a steal!!!
  15. wow i luv them