Louboutin Pigalle 120 size. need help asap

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  1. Hi, I know there is a sizing thread but I need help with sizing asap as a listing is going to end soon.

    Do Pigalle 120 run large? That's what the seller is saying.
    I'm usually a US 8.5, with normal width.
    Could I wear them in a 39? The seller says that 39 would actually fit a US.9.5
  2. I am an 8.5 and I took a 39 in the Pigalles.

    Also, there is a sizing help sticky thread, and a Pigalle 120 Club thread that will give you lots of info on this style :smile: Just do a search in this subforum.
  3. thanks for replying to my question.
    im a little confused.
    i wear a 39.5 in no prive
    a 39 in fetitcha 120..

    any luck ill fit in the 39 for pigalle 120?
  4. ^^If you post your question in the sizing thread that imma linked you to, you will receive the most immediate response. This is exactly what the sizing thread is for. Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.