Louboutin Owners- Sizing Advice Help

  1. I have finally found the open toe Leather Platform Peep toe (are they Prive?) Louboutins, but they only have a 39.5. I normally wear a 40 in louboutins, but often have a little tiny gap in the back on one of my feet. The 39.5 fit okay on one foot, but one of my long toes comes to the end on the other. There is only 1/8 of an inch difference in sizes, but I don't know if I should go for the 39.5, as I've never had the peep toes and I'm worried that my toes will slide out anyway if I get a bigger size as they are 4.5 inches high and I have a narrow foot that normally sides on open high shoes. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. They do stretch. I have found that the 39.5 is only uncomfortable for a short time - they do stretch.
  3. Hi There,

    Thanks for your reply. Did you find that your toes slipped forward (or slipped out the peep) when they stretched). I'm just worried if they stretch that my narrow feet and long toes will slip out and compromise the look of the shoe. Thanks A.
  4. Not sure I can be of help . . . my experience. My first pair of CLs are a shoe called vanitarita crepe which is a lace heel without the platform with a peep toe. I bought those in a 38.5 (the ones I bought in the store) and a 39 and 39.5 ship sent (I am very particular about getting the right size because I hate making purchase mistakes - especially on shoes). I ended up keeping the 39.5 because the other sizes kept rubbing on my big toe. The front is leather covered with satin so I am not so sure it would give in the toe box (if anyone has this shoe let me know how it fits)

    My newest pair of CLs Josephine black suede and gold I have in a 39 and 39.5 - I thought the 39 was the better size and after wearing it at home I think again beause of the toe box I am going to return the 39 . . . These are wider in the back - my others have an ankle strap which stay on my heel better.
  5. I wish I could buy the other sizes to compare, but sadly this is the only size.
    Thanks for your advice though.