Louboutin or Lanvin boots?

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  1. louboutin hands down! for the classic, elegant and timeless look. i'll wear them everyday!
  2. louboutin
  3. definitely louboutin
  4. Louboutin. They look classy and something you can wear for a long time.
  5. Wow those lanvins are hot, but the louboutins are timeless! Go for the CLs!!!
  6. I love the Louboutins! :love:
  7. def. the louboutins.
  8. I like the Lanvin, but I say go with the Louboutin. I just ordered those in black.
  9. louboutins! not only are they cheaper, they're also timeless! the lanvin ones are trendy IMO.
  10. Louboutin.
  11. Both are gorgeous but CL is more timeless looking. Another CL vote!
  12. I adore anything lanvin so I have to go with the lanvin, lol
  13. Louboutins! I agree with everyone who has said they are timeless! I think the simplicity of this boot over the Lanvins will make them easier to wear.
  14. Louboutin's without a doubt.