louboutin or chanel flats

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  1. my feet and ankles are getting aboloished by heels, and as much as i hate to give them up for awhile, i'm in need of a good pair of flats! I've been debating back and forth between black chanel flats, or the black louboutin flats. are the louboutin comfortable? which ones do you ladies prefer? thanks!
  2. I actually prefer my Lanvin flats over my CL flats. I don't have any experience with Chanel flats, though.
  3. what chanels/CLs are you thinking about?

    i have multiple pairs of CL flats that i love but i must admit that for every day wear my chanel cambon flats are super comfy.
  4. chanel and lanvin are more comfortable. if you're going for aesthetics get the CL flats.
  5. I'm the exact way. I prefer Lanvin flats over CL flats. They are more comfortable and I find them more flattering on my feet. I don't have experience with Chanel flats either.
  6. I love CL, but no one does comfortable flats like Chanel and Lanvin. The Salvatore Ferragamo Varina is also up there. I have had CL flats and while lovely, they simply do not compare to these other brands that have perfected their ballet flat expertise. ;)
  7. I have the exact same CL flats (they are called the Chambre d'ami) and they are pretty comfortable IMO. They fit TTS for me btw ;)
  8. thanks for all the information, it's been really helpful!
    do the cl's get uncomfortable after wearing them for long periods of time? i'd probably be in them at about 2-6 hours the most just on weekends for errands, shopping, etc.
  9. I could not agree more.
  10. I own all 3, but my heart is going to say Lanvin. They are wonderful!!! Sorry, Mr. L.-I still love you more.
  11. I have to agree that Lanvin flats are awesome! I have not had experience w/ the others but the small hidden wedge in my Lanvin flats really makes a difference. I am VERY picky about comfort when it comes to flats.
  12. mel, Chanel flats all the way. A fellow tPFer was with me when she tried them on and she said they were so comfy..didn't cut into her feet on the top..roomy toe box, and they were made of supple lambskin!! Also, Chanel flats have traction/grips on the soles of their shoes to prevent slippage..and are more structured on the soles, compared to CL or Lanvin
  13. CL flats are really not that comfy. chanel is super comfy, and lanvin is even more comfy. prada is not bad either