Louboutin on Lipstick Jungle

  1. hey girls dont know how many of you watch the show but a particular shoe (that i have) was passed around the girls by Nico to try on when they were in the Saks shoe salon. :p
  2. I love seeing CLs on Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia! Makes me so happy haha.
  3. I saw it last night. Plus, they are always wearing CLs on that show!
  4. My stupid recorder did not record it!!! Im sooo mad!
  5. I know I was so excited to spot them!
  6. [​IMG]

    Ummm, I love these soooo much!!! I've been trying to find them in my size, but with no luck!!
  7. they were the tiger patent decolletes :smile: but purse addiction i too looove seeing CLs on both of those shows.. ooh stinas they rerun the show on the soap network in case you have it check the listings. my dvr stupidly didnt record the first episode and i tracked it down on that channel
  8. I've noticed that Brooke Shields has been wearing a fair number of CLs lately. She wore the purple Lady Gres in a promo ad for Lipstick Jungle and then the same ones in mustard (?) at an event last week.