Louboutin on Diabro Net

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  1. What does everyone think of Diabro Net? Are they legitimate? I've heard good things about them on handbags and certain designer brands, but not sure about CL. Are they authentic there? Also, how did you figure out the sizing range? They seem kind of off in the equivalents.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. i heard they can declare low value to avoid customs tax and they ship super fast!
  3. They are 100% authentic and they are awesome! I ordered from them several times and they do declare lower value and ships super fast
  4. Great! I'm looking at a couple of CL styles, but they seem to sell very small sizes and the European sizing and US sizing don't correspond. Would you go by the US size?
  5. I cant see CL's on diabro.net? ? Linkies please?! Ty :smile:
  6. ^ http://diabro.net/index.php/cPath/192_1150

    It confused me at first as I discovered the site from the ladies over in the Dior forum. They have excellent prices and are legit. The page defaults to the Mens section so you have to actually click on the Womens tab in the upper left side of the main site. :smile:
  7. I haven't bought anything on Diabro, but they have authentic 100% items! :tup:
  8. I only heard good things about Diabro.
  9. They have CL now?? Oh great!!!

    Thanks for the heads-up, ladies.
  10. I only see tiny sizes and I need a 39 or 39.5, bummer! I will keep trying, thanks for the info!