Louboutin Nude Numero Prive 37 AVAILABLE!!!!

  1. Loubies 033.jpg Loubies 034.jpg
  2. That's excellent! If you're a 36.5 this would work too. I am a 37 in CL and got these in 37.5 and they fit fine.
  3. They are already gone! Thanks for sharing the link though!
  4. arrgh! gone! I would have :heart::heart::heart: them!
  5. i usually wear 36.5, but got these shoes in 37...so i think it should be fine..too bad it's all gone :sad:
  6. Wow that was fast. Did any TPFer get them??? I hope so!
  7. They're gone already!
  8. Ladies they are available again in size 36
  9. ^ people seem to be returning them!! we might have better luck! crap, i missed the 37.5 ones! acks
  10. I would never let those go!
  11. I noticed NM.com has a variety of shoes in a size here or there. I just purchased the black patent peep toe pumps because my size popped up. I thought I was seeing things. :yahoo:
  12. What does everyone see in them? *just curious*
  13. Thanks krv! I snagged the 36 when I read your post. I was going to pass on the good karma to other tPFers today when I saw that NM is listing a pair of 38's; but before I can even post, it was gone.

    On the other hand, I just received my 36s today (took forever it seems!). I am kinda disappointed. The shoes were dirty looking and obviously a return or store display. I know these shoes are in hot demand, and I'm lucky to even come across them, but I feel that since I payed full price for something advertised as new, it should not be so tattered. To top it off, I think I'm closer to a 36.5 than a 36 in the No. Prives. So, don't know they're going back.