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  1. Hi, Does anyone own or tried on a pair of Miss Boxe shoe? Do they run true to size? I saw a pair of 5.5 but I'm not sure if they are too big because I'm normally a 5. I know that louboutin runs small some times and was wondering if these do too. Thanks! PS: I want them in black but this image is just for reference of what the shoe looks like.
  2. I have them in red patent, and they run true to size!
  3. I'm a size 8.5 but I usually wear a 9 for Louboutins.
    I think its still best to try the shoes on...just to be sure.

  4. I tried these shoes on, I am normally a 6 but need 5.5 for these.
  5. i would try them on. some louboutins run small and others run big. i normally wear a size 6, but in louboutins, i wear sizes 5.5-6.5 depending on the style.
  6. I think they run mostly true to size. I find they vary just slightly. I either wear a 9 or 9 1/2. With the high heels my foot can slip out of the heel if it is too big but the toe box is generous . . .I think . . . If you are ordering them from a store and you can return them snf and get your $ back, I would order in both sizes and then try on both and return one . . . I have had shoe sales people at some stores tell me "oh these are running smaller than usual" on some styles . . .
  7. I have the red patent Mrs Boxe and was surprised that they are a snug true to size when I first got them, but the next size up for me felt as though it would be too big with wear.

    I also recommend that you try them on in person, and keep in mind that Louboutin's leather can stretch some.

    If you can't try them on, order your true size and the next 1/2 size up to see first hand which fits best. Try to walk on a clean, carpeted surface so the bottoms don't scratch to see which size is the most comfortable.
  8. Thanks everyone, I got my Miss Boxe shoes in size 5 and they fit really good. They do run true to size!
  9. Javaboo can I ask is there any room between the front of your big toe and the shoe? or do your feet go all the way to the end?

    I am usually a 37 sometimes a 37.5 and I was going to buy a pair in 38 thinking they run small, I got the heel-toe measurement which is 25cm roughly the same as my foot measures when flat but I have 10cm highheel that measure 24cms and fits really well so I dont know if the CL's would be too big :confused1:

    Would really appreciate some help :smile:
  10. how do these (miss boxe leather) compare to simple sizing?
  11. I wear the same size in the Miss Boxe calf as the Simple Pump calf.
  12. My Miss Boxe fit just like my simples. I don't have any in leather, but I have simples in python and Miss Boxe in python and simples in patent leather and Miss Boxe in patent leather and the fit is identical for the corresponding materials.
  13. closing this as there's a dedicated thread for sizing inquiries.
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