LOUBOUTIN manicure!!!

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  1. I saw this on All Lacquered Up and I thought some of you CL lovers would appreciate it!

  2. the pic wont show!!
  3. Oh that is hilarious! With the way I go through manicures, it wouldn't last me an hour:smile:

    Good idea though:yes:
  4. wow hot! i wonder how i can accomplish that manicure w/o getting nail polish all over my fingers!
  5. That is great! How fun!
  6. LOL. That's great! Thanks for sharing. Don't know if it would last very long, though...
  7. it's so sexy!
    if any tPF members have done this, please post pics!
  8. No way this would ever last on me, lol. Thanks for sharing, it looks great!
  9. Oh, I love it!!!!
  10. My nails aren't long enough, otherwise I'd try it and let you know how it works:lol:

    I have NO idea how to do it without painting your fingers red, but I think it would hold up on acrylics...
  11. That's hot! :biggrin:

    I love CL's
  12. I did it when that picture was first published a few months ago. It works quite well. You need a very bright red (because the black on the other side tones it down a lot) and do the red first.

    It was messy to do and it took me an evening picking red bits off my skin!

    If you have false nails ask your technician to apply red tips instead of the normal white ones to achieve this look.

    I must say, when I had my nails like this, hardly anybody noticed!
  13. I love this look! I'm not sure how to do it though...getting the red nail polish on looks tricky.
  14. I think it would be too much of a hassle over just nails....especially if the red part of the nail will hardly last long due to dirt, etc. :shrug: