Louboutin Magenta Simple 85 Pumps for Pre-Order!

  1. OMG so I was dying all day b/c I saw these this morning, but I did not have my gift card from the EGC event on me, so I rushed home this evening so I could grab them before they were all gone. LOL Of course, they are still there, but I'm telling myself it's b/c none of you ladies saw them. haha

    They are the simple 85 pumps in magenta leather. I have the simples in black leather, kelly green patent, and red patent and I love them all (comfy as well) so I knew I had to get these. They look great with so many things and while I prefer a higher heel in general, these are still great at 3 1/4".

    HURRY b/c you will wait and then your size will be gone!

    Use "shopsaks10" thanks to Butterfly and get an additional 10% off too. Also, I called in my order and they will credit my shipping once it actually goes out! :tup:

    Louboutin Magenta Simple 85 Pump1.jpg Louboutin Magenta Simple 85 Pump2.jpg
  2. Kelly green patent? :drool:

    The magenta look verrrrry hot.
  3. Thank you for posting. I was looking at Cls on Saks this morning. How did I miss this?
  4. Great find ashakes :yes:
    I love these simple pumps, specially in blue but the magenta look really good too!!!
  5. I was actually just looking at these. I literally gasped out loud when I saw them! LOL
  6. They are gorgeous. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. I pre-ordered these this morning! This will be my fifth pair of simple pumps (not counting the ones I'm trying to sell) - along with the Miss Ticks, they're my most comfortable CLs.
  8. You're welcome. I check Saks every morning before I leave. LOL

    Love the cobalt simples! I can't wait to get these in February and see what they look like IRL.

    LOL. They are very simple just like the name implies, but oh so cute! I wish they were a 100 mm heel, but a 3" heel is still a good size heel. I can't wait! I already have outfits in mind. lol :girlsigh:

    You're welcome! :tup:

    You are crazy like me. haha I was seriously in a panic this AM b/c I did not have my EGC on me and I could not get a moment to phone in my order. I really thought my size would be gone! I walked in the door at 5:15 and turned on my laptop right then to place the order. :woohoo:
  9. Yes kelly green. :heart: I have photos of all the CLs I own in the CL photo thread FINALLY, but here they are again.



    These are the 85 mm.
  10. Thanks Asha! I scored them in my size thanks to your tip! I did it so fast that I missed out on the 10% off thing. Oops. lol!!! I missed out on the blue, darn it! Simple pumps are the best. Hey, did you say your red pumps are 85s??? Mine are 100s for sure, because next to my nude simples, they are at least a 1/2 inch taller.
  11. Oh, and I keep hearing Magenta is supposed to be THE COLOR this spring. :smile:
  12. Eleni, my kelly green are 85 mm and my simple reds are 100 mm. We got them from the same place silly. LOL :smile:
  13. Nice find! I just ordered a pair. I am excited!
  14. I know, that's why I was surprised when I thought that's what you said, but I just misread your first post was all. lol!!! You have to excuse me, I turned 33 today so I'm like an ol' lady. ;)
  15. oh my goodness!!! :nuts::nuts: I think I literally had a mental breakdown when I saw these (magenta is my favorite color!:drool:) it took me three times... YES THREE... to order/then cancel to where I finally finalized my purchase! The first time I ordered normally and felt accomplished, then I started rereading this thread, and immediately canceled so I could use the promo code! Then the second time, I forgot I had a random 25$ GC so cancel again! In the end I'm scoring these beauties for under 500$ with shipping and taxes! :yahoo:I'm so excited!!! Thanks Ashakes!:wlae: