Louboutin Liberation Army -- CALISURF's Collection Thread

  1. Love the frack!!! :biggrin: :ninja:

    Thank you Dessye! So sweet! big :hugs:
  2. Thank you! :blush:

    I love them (a lot!) :biggrin:

    Thank you! I'll post a few more :smile:

    Thanks love!

    hehe - i love the one word effect!!!

    They are pretty crazy. I still can't believe I bought them.

    Thanks Batty! So sweet. I love the LDBs - I can't wait to wear them for real!

    Yes, they are so special. thank you!

    Oh thank you!

    :love: I had one of those had to have moments when I saw them! So glad it worked out - I will make sure to post an outfit soon!
  3. Thank you so much LF!

    :ty: !


    Oh :love: big big :hugs: I've missed you all too. Will try to keep up :smile:
  4. Congrats on all the new pairs! So good to "see" you again, J!
  5. Gorgeous new additions!! Congrats!
  6. gorgeous additions!
  7. :smile: Yes! :flowers: Thanks!!!

    Thank you!!!
  8. Wow! You have an amazing collection!
  9. Thank you!!!
  10. How did I miss this?!??

    Gorgeous collection! Love the leopard booties! Also, your dog is adorable!
  11. OMG Calisurf you are so stunning and gorgeous :woohoo: ... love your CL collection ... I had multiple heart attacks :giggles: ... u are a dream for any men with a desire for cl shoes and a stunning woman ... :dothewave: :ps: :urock: :ty: :welcome: !!!
  12. hi! i was looking at your collection, and noticed you have a few pair of patent lady peeps... anyhoo, i want to buy a pair but want to know did you get yours true to size? i am a 37.5 in american sizes and YSL, but i have tired on a pair of lady peeps in 37.5 at Nordstroms that fit, but it was the display so i'm sure everyone & their mom tried them on lol, and i have gone to an actual boutique and tried on a new just outta the box 38 and they were tight in the toebox, in your opinion which size should i go for? THANKS:smile:
  13. Hi! Thanks for looking! I responded in the sizing thread:

    "I am a straight 7.5 in YSL, etc. (insole length=9.5"). All my LPs (patent, eel, etc) are 37.5. (and I used to size up...my patent VPs are 38, but I lost about 2-3 jean sizes and now they are very loose and they stretch a bit)"

    If the 37.5 you tried on at Nordstrom fit - that is what they will be like after you wear them. Being that high and not "strapped in" it's important to have them fit right. A bit snug at first is ok. Do the sock trick - cut off the toes of a pair of socks and wear them around house, while watching Tv, etc. (never use any home stretching liquid techniques, take them to a reputable cobbler)

  14. Fantastic collection! These Leo Daf booties have to be my fav' wish I could find them in my size :girlsigh:
  15. Thanks Char! What's your size? I'll keep an eye out.

    Have to do some updates soon!