Louboutin Lastic help please?

  1. Hi everyone, i just brought a pair of Louboutin lastic booties in a size 7.5 I usually wear about 6 sometimes 6.5 for smaller shoes but i read everywhere that i should go a size up. Now i'm afraid they might be a bit big, i'm still waiting for them to arrive so i haven't had a chance to try them on. I've never brought louboutins before, tried on a pair of heels in David Jones and i fitted a 6. But thing is i live in Australia so louboutins arn't easy to find here. That's why i wanted to make sure they fit.

    And i've also read on here that they are extremely painful to walk in?? i'm a pretty experienced heel wearing, usually wearing 4 inchs everywhere.

    So anyone who owns louboutins please let me know for sure. Thanks
  2. Hi Diorable,

    Ahh I know the feeling, I walk in heels the entire time, I shop in them, do the school run in them and wear towering heels and wedges in the evening, so I would say I am a Heel expert lol BUT I could not get on with the lastics at all :sad:. Its the angle of the foot actually rather than the height, your foot is being pushed into the tip of the heel at an angle which makes all of your toes go numb after approximately one hour. They are very small, so size wise, I do not think the 7.5 is going to be overly big for you, but I think its best to be honest and tell you my own experience with them. Saying that Louboutin were really good with the customer service. I ordered mine from NAP and after 3 attempts of trying to wear them, I realised this was much more to do with the style than the heel, and they consulted with CL and let me return them.

    Good luck, I really hope your pair is slightly different to mine, and you can walk in them comfortably, as they really look amazing :biggrin:
  3. Its five years down the road since your post, but I've just found out that a pair of boots I own from Louboutins, are actually his Lastic pair. They are a bit painful-I think having a little platform could help to protect from pressure of walking, but other than this-for me they are very comfy and are one of my most frequently worn pairs of shoes
  4. How many pairs are you looking to buy? If only one then I say go with a Pigalle. If you are looking to acquire more then try a simple (or new simple, depending on your style) and a Very Prive. I think Yolandas are classic as well since they are simple peep toes. Happy Shopping :biggrin: