Louboutin - Lady Grey in pewter

  1. I know the CL boutique had bronze. Did you try them?

    And, then Saks locator said the following for the Lady Gres in pewter:
    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Our Boston, MA and Boca Raton, FL stores may have a size 41.0 each. I suggest that you contact either one of the stores to inquire about availability.

    I would call ASAP! Good luck! :tup:

  2. you are a huge star...there was 1 pair left. i've passed the info to my husband (he is looking for a gift idea). i am holding my breath here!! THANKS
  3. Barney's in Boston also has them, good luck!
  4. Those shoes are HOT, and you have a wonderful husband to (we hope) get them for you. I will hold my breath for you :yes:
  5. No problem. Was he able to get them??? I tried them on this weekend again and I wanted a half size bigger b/c of the peep toe. I'm sure I will cave eventually and buy them. They are GORGEOUS! :smile: Keep us updated!