Louboutin Laced Espadrilles

  1. as seen on Rachel Bilson in GQ
    on sale at Neimans for $247 and then 40% off
    only size 41 now

    too high?
    do we like?

    i ordered them and am waiting to get them. just wanted opinions.
    cl1.jpg cl2.jpg
  2. i bought a pair in 36....but not sure how it'll fit..any1 else have it?
  3. I don't have the laced version, but I have the regular version in a 41. I'm usually a 40. I don't think they're too high (the higher the better :lol:), as it gives a sexy edge to the usually low espadrille. Hope you enjoy them!
  4. I think they look kind of chunky. :shrugs:
  5. ^ I thought so also. There was a picture of Carmen Electra wearing a pair though and they looked HOT on her IMO.
  6. They are too cute...as for the height...it is just right it looks so sexy but sweetly innocent
  7. I think they are really cute, but just too high for daily wear. oh, and a LOT of toe cleavage.
  8. I tried them on in NM and I felt like I was going to fall over lol