Louboutin iPad case

  1. Great idea!

  2. hmm it's not as cute. do you not want the option of a chain bc of the spikes? it might be annoying to always hold and bc it's not a smooth surface. that would bother me.

    the ipad is actually cuter.
  3. Thank you all for sharing your opinions

    In Europe it is 455€, I don't know at the moment the price in dollars.
  4. It bothers a little, but def the iPad is better!
  5. Whatever works will look great ! Go for it !
  6. That trash thing is a joke. Gosh it's horrendous.. You people are really willing to buy something made of stuff he collected in his offices garbage ? I'm not fond at all of the trash shoes, but still, it's a pair of shoes you can actually wear but this case, clutch, you name it, is truely making fun off all the people trying to save up to afford a pair of simple 85.
  7. I agree, overpriced and not really pretty. Tho from far it looks very interesting and idea is very original.

    I was thinking about getting his iPad case to carry iPad but never thought about these spikes... It won't be very comfy to carry around...
  8. A agree, it looks fancy with the spikes but I guess a case is for you to store your ipad safely in a bag or somewhere... what if you scratch the inside of your designer leather bag with it ..? Or make marks on that coffee table..?

    Sometimes ideas should stay theorical
  9. hehe well if you find a way to become made out of money please do fill me in ill pay you after haha

    And yeah, it being the price of the ipad makes no sense lol the point is to protect the ipad, but then whos protecting the ipad case that costs just as much ?!? lol a case to protect the case
  10. almost 600 usd :faint: