Louboutin Iowa platforms

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know where I can get the platform versions of the CL Iowa? Should I call Saks, NM or CL directly? Any information would be great! I've been dieing for a pair of those.

  2. Oh forgot to mention I would like to get the all black patent version.
  3. it's very HTF now, don't think they're available for this season unless you try the sites. i've been searching for them but my Saks SA told me he didn't have any and that i'll have to wait =(
  4. I saw the Black Patent Iowa Zeppas at Neiman Marcus. This was about 2 months ago... Maybe you should try calling them and see if they can locate one for you?
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  6. hsl is correct. I have them in black patent and they from Neiman Marcus. The SKU on my box is as follows:

    07063865. Try that first and if that does not work, you can PM me and I can give you the rest of the numbers. However, I gave you the SKU so that should be sufficient.
  7. Thanks ashakes. How do they fit on you? Do you have to go TTS, 1/2 size up or full size up?
  8. javaboo I have those in black patent and I bought them a while back from footcandyshoes. I got 1/2 size up.
  9. I'm a US 9 and mine are a 40. I believe my true CL size is a 39.5 so I agree w/ ledaatomica that you should go up 1/2 size.
  10. I found one that are like a full size up from my actual shoe size do you think they will fit?
  11. The black patent platform Iowas are at BG right now. I just saw them yesterday and even slipped on the display. The display was a size 39 so I guess that is the smallest size they have currently. Good luck!
  12. I would just try them probably. If they are too big, you can always return them.

    Your other option is to get the pair from NM you found and the ones from BG in what you think will be your size and try both.

    We all try to help with sizing, but the reality of things is that some of us have very different feet. I have normal/medium width feet so while I say I size up 1/2 size from my CL size, others will say they are TTS probably b/c they have narrow feet. LOL I have seen threads where people have stated the Rolandos/Rolandes are TTS and I size up 1 FULL size from my Cl size on those b/c of the narrow toe box. I have to put an insert in, but I'm just pointing out the sizing discrepancies.

    I have two pairs of Foxtrots in completely different sizes and both of them fit perfectly b/c the strap is adjustable. So, it just depends. The sizing is erratic, but it does not stop the addiction. :roflmfao:
  13. Thanks ashakes. I don't think I can return these as I found them online. I just wanted to know if these generally ran big or small. Do you know what the retail of these shoes cost? Because I'm guessing this seller is making a killing off them and I'm debating how badly I want a pair...
  14. When I purchased mine they retailed for $715
  15. javaboo -- I think you should get 35.5 or 36; this style definitely runs small (it looks just like Yoyo Zeppa except for that mary jane strap, but from my experience this shoe actually runs smaller than Yoyo Zeppa). HTH!