Louboutin Iowa Patent Mary Jane

  1. Another shoe question...hehe.

    My SA is sending me these this week. I wanted to verify sizing before she ships them out. Do you find these run true to size, small, large?

    Also, they are the gray patent ones (I have pictured them below). Do any of you have these and if so, what do you wear with them. I think pastels would look pretty, but not too sure as I usually stay away from this color shoe. Would this look strange on my skin tone and should I just take a pass? I'm Indian, but "light"; I look like I have a really good tan basically. hehe

    Thanks in advance!
    CL gray.jpg
  2. I tried them on the store before. I'm a size 5 and the size 5 ones were tight around the toe area. I think 5.5 would be better for me.
  3. they run really small and they are pretty narrow. I have the grey patent and red patent (both got on sale and both going back) because they run small and the heel is way too small, its 70cm, I rather have the 4 inch heel. I would size up atleast a half size if not one whole size.
  4. i'm indian too and "light" hahaha and i was not a huge fan of grey on me. I don't think pale grey looks that great with warm skin even if it's fair.
  5. size up for sure
  6. Hmmm, I can't remember now what size she said she was giving me in them. LOL I will ask her tomorrow I guess.

    Yeah I know the heel was smaller. I was ok with it considering I was wearing it for work purposes more than likely.

    Thanks so much for the info though! :smile:
  7. Hmm yeah I am hesitant b/c of the color. If they were black, red, any other color this would not be an issue. haha
  8. i've tried the red green blk and navy and all of those looked hot but the grey was not worth it unless i was getting it for 50 bucks
  9. I hear ya. I am not sure how much they even are. My SA just tells me what she has in my size range and describes it to me and then I say yay or nay. LOL I know they were marked down again, so probably 60-65% off of the original.

    My regular SA was not in, so maybe she can do some more searching for me when she gets back. :cutesy:
  10. Neimans sale price is around $285-$300

  11. i say get ur sa to look for a different color cuz u should look good in all the shoes u buy they should compliment ur skin. Or just buy a different pair of shoes.
  12. definitely size up in those.. i bought them in black and had to exchange it for the size larger... they're awesome tho!!here's mine :biggrin:

  13. Thanks to all of you for your input. I just called the other SA and told her to toss the gray patents OUT of my box. LOL Angelie, I think you are right about it on our skin tone. I think it would probably just wash me out. And, it's not like $300 still isn't a good wad of cash.

    She found me something else anyways, so I substituted. LOL

    Oh, how I :heart: shoes. HAHAHAHA
  14. good work! which ones did u get instead????
  15. Well, my regular SA will be in tomorrow/Tuesday, so the gal just set aside some things so others wouldn't get them. Loubies on sale are minimal, so I will have my SA try to hunt them down when she gets back. I will take these in black, red, or navy if she can find them. I know she isn't supposed to do a search, but I'm sure she will. :smile:

    I added the Ferragamo Sintonia wedges to my pile, a pair of Gucci floral wedges, and something else, but I can't remember what it was. LOL I already had a pair of Chanel black patent mary janes and Chanel pumps set aside last week.