Louboutin in Dubai

  1. Hi Dubai Ladies,

    My other half is currently working in Dubai and I should be visiting in April.
    The Dubai store doesn't have an email and I know I've seen people post and say they aren't too familiar with the stock they have anyway. So is anyone able to say what styles they currently have?
    Or at least know if they have Royal bleu/ jade waternake altadamas
    or the python simple or fifi simple in the purple or pink?

    Thank you very much in advance :biggrin:
  2. I am not familiar with and louboutin and dubai, you can search in google
  3. It is located at the Emirates Mall. When you reach there just ask about it and they will tell the shop number. I believe its just opposite to Louis Vuitton store.
  4. To add more, Saks- Dubai carries Louboutin as well. It is located at Burjuman Shopping mall at Deira the center of Dubai.
  5. Im in Dubai :biggrin:... Im waiting for the watersnake myself... They dont have it... Not sure if they'll be getting it...

    The last shipment they got had the Lady Clou in red white and black... The 100 mm Lucifer Bow... The black patent Daffodil (which was sold out immeietly)... The Stardust daffodil... Black glitter pigalle plato... White patent piaglle plato... Black kid leather pigalle plato...

    They have a new shipment arriving next friday... I'll keep you posted if you like... :smile:
  6. Oh... and they do have python slings... Not sure of the style... Its open toes though... Its in 3 colors... Jade, pink, and the bluish purple...

    The jade croc hyper/very prive... Also in coral I think... I'm no sure of the color... It looked coral/orange to me...

    And... the Samira strass...

    All I can recall... Hope its something...
  7. Are the Christian louboutin shoes cheaper than American? I heard all the shoes are tax free,right?
  8. It depends what state you are in!
  9. Yes they are tax free...
  10. Does anyone know when is the second Dubai CL boutique in Dubai Mall going to open?
  11. I heard it opened on the 18th of July at the Dubai Mall. Im off there tmrw, I hope I find a few steals......I wish! lol. I find Dubai more expensive than the UK for most premium and luxury brands tbh.
  12. hey hun did u end up going to the new dubai mall boutique?
  13. Yes I did, but as with my previous trips to Dubai, I stayed off everything designer:p. They were quite well stocked though and the store is large (well double the size of the Mall of Emirates store) and very pretty too. It opened on the 23rd of July, i think.
  14. That's awesome. Thanks. Can't wait. Not long til my first trip to Dubai! :yahoo:
  15. Does anyone know is Cl in Dubai does sales and if there's one going on right now, since it's Ramadan?