Louboutin Heel tip problems,

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  1. I recently realized that the two bottom parts of my lady page's heels are very loose to the point that they spin sometimes when I am walking in them. Which makes it difficult to walk, also I think there is a tiny rip at the bottom and it was due to that heel problem. Any tips on how to attach extras or make those two actually stay? And should i worry about the tiny rip at the very bottom of the heel? Let me know ladies ! Thanks for all the help
  2. ^^ my lady pages are the same! How odd huh?!

    I'd just go get them replaced at the cobbler.
  3. And the tiny rip at the bottom of the heel? It's patent leather, should I worry a lot about it or is it only natural given it's the very end of the heel where it meets the screwed top to it
  4. I can't really see this in my head without a photo...

    If the heel tap covers it I wouldn't worry
  5. I've had this problem and just used some leather glue to stick it in place.
  6. No it's like some of the patent leather on my heel at the very end near the heel tab is scratched off, but either way I just got off the phone with Saks Im going in to have them replaced or fixed because I've only wore them once and both bottom heel tabs are spinning around like it's a circus!
  7. Any tips on cleaning patent leather? Specially if you got a rain drop or two on it, not my pages but my lillians.
  8. When I ordered mine from NM they came like that.

    You can just clean patent leather with a cloth
  9. Yeah I ordered mine online from Saks fifth, I hope they give me a replacement tomorrow. And the insole, With a non alcoholic baby wipe?
  10. ^^ I just use a little cleanser and a cloth ... no fuss no muss
  11. I am afraid the leather is going to turn black
  12. ^^ from what?
  13. I dont know, I tried wiping it with a wet cloth before and the leather turned into like a dark hue
  14. ^^ i don't use a wet cloth ... I use a leather cleaner and a cloth
  15. Where can I purchase a leather cleaner? Can I get it at any department store?