Louboutin Galore!

  1. I just got 3 pairs of Louboutin yesterday. I love the python heels and the green espadrilles. I'm not sure about the black mary jane espadrilles. I'm conscious of my ethiopian ankles (as my family calls them)...as seen in pic 5 and 6. Opinions? :yes:
    shoes 053 467x350.jpg shoes 056 467x350.jpg shoes 060 467x350.jpg shoes 065 467x350.jpg
  2. black...
    shoes 073 467x350.jpg shoes 076 467x350.jpg
  3. Very cute! Love the first two!
  4. the pythons are hot!!
  5. Love the python! You look great in them!
  6. very cute i love them all.
  7. LOVE the python!

    I actually *almost* bought the espadrilles from Barney's but I didn't know if I'd get a lot of wear out of them. Im still debating.
  8. love the pythons! hot!
  9. Thanks gals! I just got another pair...someone stop me! These popped up on Saks.com on sale for $308...great tip from a tpfer! Yeah!!!

  10. And since I was already buying something...I ordered these with them. lol But they are on preorder so I won't get them until July sometime.

  11. somebody sure went louboutin crazy :love:
  12. I know, pretty! I just discovered what all the CL hype was about a month ago, and now I'm afraid...I'm really afraid. lol
  13. Those python pumps rock!
  14. The pythons look good! The other two look good too. You don't have to worry about your ankles. The strap aren't too close to them and besides, your ankles absolutley fine.
  15. great buys love the shoes ....