Louboutin Formentera gingham wedges

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  1. I am thinking of buying these and I would love to see some pictures of them on. I am a bit wary of too much toe cleavege and I'd like to see how they look on. Anyone have them? TIA

  2. I tried on the CL Formentera Platform espadrilles last Spring at Saks. They were definite true to length, but I felt they were a bit too narrow for me so I passed.

    They definitely showed major toe cleavage (which I like). I ended up purchasing Steven Maritime platform espadrilles, which definitely fit better, since they offer 1/2 sizes and CL didn't. The Steven shoes are nearly identical but show less toe cleavage if that is what you are looking for. I get a ton of use out of mine. I love them to pieces.

    My sister bought a pair of knock-offs at Target about two weeks ago. They are a decent but not exact copy, but they were about $20. I just hope I don't start seeing them on every girl on the street.
  3. Thanks! I went to a store here in London today hoping they'd have them but they didn't :/ (did try the Pigalles on though!). I think I am just going to order them and send them back if they don't fit or I don't like how they look. Thanks!

  4. I tried these on at Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas yesterday. I was able to fit my foot into a 39 however, I felt as if I was going to fall over while wearing them. They don't seem very stable. Also, yes they showed my toes.
  5. I like those shoes too, and wanted to see a pic of them IRL. Let us see pics if you order them, JuneHawk!