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  1. So I literally work up the street from FIT. A brisk 6 block walk. I went down there yesterday and it was a really small exhibit. I got yelled at by security for whipping out the blackberry (I got an e-mail) b/c they thought I was trying to take pictures.

    They had some classic styles. Most are on loan from Louboutin himself. There were a few pairs that stood out. One was the crystal studded short cowboy boots for Dita Von Teese. There were black round toe pumps with a stacked heel that looked like a Guinness can. There were also these shoes made for the David Lynch exhibit (Erotica). They look like pointe ballet shoes. They are black patent and they are literally made to be on your tiptoes with the thinnest longest stiletto on the back. It was the length of the shoe. It was obviously not made for walking, but to make the body assume an erotic position.

    They had the multi-colored glitter (I want to say NP's) and those were inspired by Dorothy (Wizard of OZ). There were embroidered flats and classic designs. There were also pumps that had the daisy looking cut out making up the front. The only reason I remember them is b/c they were at Off-Saks years ago for 200 dollars and I should have bought them and kick myself still for not snatching them up.

    If you are in or around the city. It is worth the look. There is also a movie/interview on repeat that is worth watching. I'll probably go down again when I have more time to take a second look.
  2. Thanks for the recap. I also heard that it is a very small exhibit but still worth checking out.
  3. Thanks for the update. Did you see the Love/Princess Di shoe?
  4. Yes... very cute!!
  5. Thanks for the info. I wonder if the exhibit will come to Cali???
  6. i KNOW!
    I'll be waiting with ya... :tumbleweed:
  7. OOO thanks Japskivt for the recap....I want to go.
  8. Hey it's not just a bunch of shoes. Mr Louboutin himself is actually giving a speech:

    The Museum at FIT presents Spring 2008 Fashion Culture Special Events...
    All programs are free. Reservations are required for all events, as space is
    limited. Contact 212 217 4585 or museuminfo@fitnyc.edu.

    CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN: The Man Behind the Red Soles
    Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 5:30-7:30pm
    Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, D building, 1st floor

    Join Christian Louboutin as he explores the creative process of shoe design
    and shares the people, places, and things that inspire him. In little over
    15 years Christian Louboutin has built a fashion empire and become the most
    influential name in footwear. His red-soled shoes have utilized wit and
    glamour to embody the perfect blend of sex appeal and style. The Louboutin
    brand epitomizes elegance, and above all, expresses the designer¹s
    wholehearted dedication to women. *Special introduction by Diane Von
  9. THANKS for posting this, purly. I am teaching a course this semester on the History of Fashion and one of my students is writing her research paper on MSR. Louboutin and I hope to be able to take a few of my students to the lecture. :heart::heart::heart::heart:
  10. That is SOOOOO cool! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Make sure you RSVP! Industry folks usually fill the spots FAST.
  12. ooohh, I'd love to go! thanks for the recap!!