louboutin fever!

  1. Omg i cant sleep all night because i need to buy louboutin shoes urgently. I really2 in need of your help..
    ok i have decided from my prev forum that i will buy lady gres instead of castillana because of the timeless classic reason.

    so now its the time to choose for my 2nd choice... here are the nominees:
    1. very prive in black satin
    2. no prive (slingback) in black suede or satin
    3. rolando in slingback black patent
    4. simple pump black patent 100-120 ( i dunno how to xplain this but on this simple pump shoe, the sides are not the same, on the inner side is deeper cut than on the normal outer side)

    and please do tell me bout the sizing, i am using 37.5 for simple pump. Thx u so much ladies. i'd be lost without u guys.
  2. How dressy of a shoe do you need? You mention satin several times. Let me know how you want/need to wear them. That is how I start. Even then it is a tough call.They are all wonderful, it is so hard to decide.
  3. hi, i mentioned lots of satin and suede coz thats all i can get hiks.. due to limited options =( i wanna wear them to parties and dinners, for everyday life i wear lots of dresses like baby doll and audrey hepburns dresses. thx i hope u get clearer picture. and please do vote one =) thx
  4. If you buy the Rolando, I suggest the wine color. It is the most gorgeous red color you will ever ever see..:yes:

    I think you should buy the very prive..they are much more versatile and they look great with fancy evening dresses to casual outfits with jeans. Let us know what you pick!!
  5. I agree with the Very Prive too!! they are soo timeless and sexy, and can be dressed up or down.
  6. hi there, what size should i get very prive? i am thinkin very prive in satin or suede. i am 37.5 in simple pumps. thx a lot guys
  7. I would pick the black patent rolande over the satin very prive or no prive. Satin is just a bit too dressy. The rolandes you can dress them up and down

    #4 do you mean the merry go round pumps?
  8. I vote for for the VP as well if need need somthing that can do both. I also agree the the red Rolando is TDF. That color takes your breath away.
  9. I couldn't have said it better cjy, it really does take your breath away!

    For sizing, you should probably go up half a size to a full size. If you have wider feet, go up half a size if possible. Half a size should be okay though if you can't find a pair that is a full size bigger. If you wear your shoes around the house it really stretches them out.
  10. I LOVE The Very Prive style, but I don't know about the satin... My second choice would be the Numero Prive! (Can you tell I love peep toes?):p
  11. thx u so much ladies for all ur comments.
    Sunny: yess thats the one!! merry go round. What do u guys think bout this?
    i am already buying the lady gres which is a peep toe, will it be boring if i buy the second pair in peep toe as well (very prive)?? thx once again =)
  12. No peep toes aren't boring and they are different shoes. I know the style you are refferring to and I like it.Where are you getting your shoes from? Can you order thru a store??
  13. so guys is it better if i buy my 2nd pair very prive in satin or mary go round in patent? rolando i think has to be eliminated, i know lots of people been complaining how hurt rolando is.
  14. I vote VPs!
  15. VPs for me too! :yes: