Louboutin Espadrilles - Size Question

  1. I am a size 8, there are a pair of Red Louboutin Espadrille on eBay that are a size 9 but the seller says that she is a size 8 and they fit her pefectly - they are $400

    There is another pair that is a size 8 and they are $450

    I'm not familiar with sizing in these shoes, do they fit to size, or small? Not sure which ones to purchase.

    Please help! I will be buying them today.

  2. Anyone???
  3. Unless you have narrow feet, I'd size up. Designer shoes run small!
  4. if it helps, i'm a size 7 and i tried the 37 which was a little too tight, and a 38 was much too big, so i coudln't get them since they don't come in half sizes :sad2:
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