louboutin espadrille wedges


should i buy these shoes?

  1. Yes--super cute and not skanky.....

  2. No--you'll look like you're about to fall over....

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  1. so i'm about to purchase my first pair of shoes that cost over $300 and i need opinions on these louboutins which i think i'm in love with :shame:.........i'm 5'1/2ish and i generally wear big heels just because i love to, but are these too tall do you think?......i don't think i'd have a problem walking but i'm wondering if i'd look silly.......any and all opinions would be appreciated......oh and how long do you think these will last? do you think the ropey part will get dirty really fast? thanks :P


    also.....what do you think the fabric upper is made of?.....the other louboutins i've seen have been canvas but these look shiny?
  2. here's a similar style on carmen electra

  3. they're cute! i'd prefer them in a different color though since i think the color combo of natural/black is just too harsh on a spring/summer shoe. get them! i'm short as well and wear huge wedges :smile:. it saves on the hemming of jeans ;).
  4. thanks ally......i was aiming towards black just cuz i'm afraid of dirt (i'm incredibly clumsy.....)

    here's carmen with the shoes ;)

  5. they're cute if you wear lotsa black! i personally just hardly wear black except for the winter :smile:. get them!
  6. Louboutin espadrilles are the best! So great for the summer!

    They also really comfortable!
  7. i wear four inch heels all the time but these seem higher, and i'm kinda afraid of tripping/flopping over in my shoes (which i do really often) and snapping my ankle :shame:
  8. how much are retail on these babies? i want a pair now too (in red or natural)!
  9. the only place i can find them is on NAP, and the only color they same to have at the moment is black....although they have a bunch of other louboutins in red and blue and other colors.....

    retail is $255 but then there's shipping and duties and stuff so i'm sure it adds up.....but i remember seeing them at Saks i think for a litlte over $300
  10. great summer shoe!
  11. there don't seem to be any dissenters yet.....nobody wants to talk me out of buying these? :wondering

    i've never spent this much on sandals before, only boots.....
  12. They Are Sooooooo Comfortable! MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE THAN HEELS!
  13. oh no everybody seems to like them :sad2:........
  14. *sniffles* :cry: nobody wants to vote on my poll anymore.......
  15. I tried these on last week in NM, in the dark blue/denim color. They're super cute, but they didn't look right on me :sad: I don't do well with shoes that tie like that, they make me look like I have cankles :suspiciou

    If you like them, get them! They're perfect for summer :nuts: