Louboutin emergency!

  1. So I just received my Louboutin black bruges today--and they are 1/2 a size too big!! :crybaby: I asked the seller if I needed to go up a size (I usually wear a 36.5) and she reccommended a 37. I emailed her today and asked if I could do an exchange and she said I could, but that it would cost $40 extra (plus I'd have to pay to ship it to her), and I've already spent so much money on them. What should I do--just buy an insole or should I spend the extra money?
    Thanks girls! :love:
  2. If your feet are flopping in those shoes, you better send them back. There is nothing worst than an uncomfortable shoes. An insole may work, but if they are pumps, you are going to wanna wear a skirt and who wants to look like they are sinking in their shoes? If it were me I would pay the extra 40 for a snug fit.

    Think on the bright side, at least they're not too small.
  3. Thanks for the advice! they're not hugely big so maybe I'll try an insole around the house and then see...
  4. I'm probably asking the WRONG question but....why would it cost you $40 to exchange them for the smaller size?
  5. :lol: I was wondering that too.
  6. Maybe to mail them back and then mail out the new ones (plus insurance both ways)???
  7. sell them and see if you can get what you paid for then go buy the other size
  8. That's what i was wondering myself but the seller claims that's what it costs for shipping and to relist them, which I personally think is a load of :censor: when I am paying this much for shoes! I'm gonna take them to a cobbler tomorrow and see if they can put an insole under the inner lining.
  9. I think you're lucky she will take them back! I would just bite the bullet.
  10. You're right--I shouldn't be so grouchy--it's just a lot of money. And the seller was actually really nice so I don't mean anything against her--I was just frustrated. I just called the shoe repair place and they said they can put an insole undeneath the lining of the shoe for relatively cheap--yay! I think that will be perfect! ;)
  11. Btw, here they are! :love: :love:
    loubs1.jpg loubs2.jpg
  12. They're beautiful, Avery! :smile:

    I recently bought a pair of LV multicolore mules that were too big. I put a pair of those clear ball-of-foot insoles, and they fit fine now. They push my foot back a little and make them fit a bit tighter. Those insoles you're getting put in the shoes will probably work. Good luck!
  13. nice shoe , i would go to the shoe shop to get the sole all so
  14. Cute shoes! I really want some louboutins, but I don't want to pay for them.
  15. hot shoes, avery!
    let me know how that insole thing works out for you. i have a pair of louboutins i would love to do that with- they are so cute but are a bit too long for me.