louboutin dilemma

  1. i recently bought a suede louboutin very prive pump. right now they fit comfortably, but over the weekend i tried some on in red at Bergdorfs and those were HUGE on me. i'm guessing these will stretch out alot. i'm having trouble finding a smaller size in them though... do you guys think i should KEEP them and put some pads in it or return them?
  2. Well display shoes are always super stretched out because everyone sticks their foot into them, whether it`s their size or not. With any display, you`ll have plenty of people who have larger foot sizes squeezing their feet into them to see the style. I would say that if the shoes you purchased fit you perfectly, considering other people won`t be squeezing their feet into them, keep them. Or even try a half size smaller and see how they fit. That way you`re giving them a little room to stretch?
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