louboutin decollete

  1. i'm desperate to find some!! does anyone have any ideas on the sizing of them? i'm a uk 7.

    i can't find any anywhere!!! i want the black patent ones. and am i right in thinking i need a41??

    thanks guys!
  2. They are readily available at Saks. I had to go up 1 whole size. They run very small.
  3. I don't know is it necessary to start new thread, but want to know your opinions. :biggrin:

    1. Do you prefer black patent or camel patent?
    2. What's the difference between camel and nude for Decolletes?
    3. Do you wear the black ones during the summer? Is it silly?
  4. Have you tried NAP?
  5. elljay I see you are in the UK too :smile:
    I just got my first pair of decolettes from Matches.co.uk and mine run completely true to size. I am a 5 (eur 38) so you should be a 40 as a 7 should you not? (check it out on the louboutin site).

    I got the jazz leather, as I was advised that they give a little bit quicker than the patent and break in faster.

    They are incredible shoes, so I can really recommend them.