Louboutin Cork

  1. no they are not true to size get 1/2 size smaller than your usual. I don't remember how much but they were about 7 hundred
  2. I saw them at the shop and they are TDF! Also very high so you will definitely look tall!

    For me, I have to get a size smaller with my Loubotin pumps.
  3. I love these shoes too but do they squeeze your toes? I know patent doesn't stretch.
  4. Everyone has been telling me that Louboutins are a lot smaller so you're supposed to go 1/2 a size bigger--I am so confused!! I want to buy a pair of the black leather bruges. I am usually a 36.5 in Manolos, and everyone I've asked so far has said to order a 37. Does this sound right to you? Help please!
  5. avery, it really depends on the style of the shoe. CL is notorious for inconsistent shoe sizing (some you size up, others are true-to-size, etc).
    i heard with these that if you have wide feet, you can get your regular shoe size. otherwise, size down by 1/2...
    good luck! these shoes are gorg!!
  6. Those Are Gorgeous!!!!
  7. They are so hot! I've seen them on ebay several times this spring, and they always seem to have a starting price around $900 or so, as they are very sought after.
  8. :love: them!
  9. Go UP in size, not down! They run very small. I usually wear a 7.5 but in Louboutin, I need a 8.5. I don't wear that size in any other brand - ever! These shoes run small and narrow on me.

    Hope this helps!
  10. In my experience, Louboutin high heels have inconsistent sizing and I have to go one full size or 1/2-size smaller. I have 2 Miss Tick pumps in different colors and both have different sizes ... how strange is that!

    The flat shoes are more true to my actual size.
  11. I don't know if you were sold on Louboutin's, but there's a similar pair, from Zappos, by a company called "Oh Deer"....


    I'm sure they're not the same quality wise, but they're a nice alternative if you can't find the Lou's or want to spend less!:amuse:
  12. Thanks for the tips ladies! I'll let you know what happens...
  13. I was at Macys today and Jessica Simpson has a shoe line....saw a pair just like the ones you have shown for much much much less....of course not the same quality (nowhere near lol):smile:
  14. I hate replicators!!!!!! I feel like I can't buy designer anymore! I hate seeing all these people wearring fakes! Every shoe in JS line is a replica of a designer shoe! I thought she was famouse for HER OWN styles!