Louboutin Brain Pick!

  1. Morning!

    I'm waitlisted for these CL's and have gone up 1/2 size as I've heard they run a little small. Can anyone confirm this? Also, is the shoe comfortable? Lastly, any opinions on the style of the shoe?

    TIA :flowers:

  2. Sorry can't help on the fit but the shoes are.....:drool:
  3. No advice size-wise, but I do love the style of the shoes! Hope someone who has them can help you!
  4. I have just bought my first CL, and the style is the same more or less as these. Mine hurt a bit across the front, fine in fit got the same size I always get but think the shoes are quite narrow or I have wide feet....Lol
  5. Most people have to go up 1/2 a size in the yo yo style as the front is narrow.
  6. Thats interesting, but would have thought if I go up a 1/2 size the shoe will then slip on and off so be to big. They fit perfectly at the moment just very narrow at the peep toe area. Wondering if its my feet.
  7. Thanks ladies - I'm still not 100% sure if I should buy them. I'm a SAHM but do regularly go out to work dinners (PHH's work) where I do need to dress up. I usually wear things like wrap dresses, skirts but rarely pants. I don't currently have any peep toe shoes so these might fill that gap.

    I'll stick with the 1/2 size up and if they're too big then either exchange them or put some of those foot petal thingies in.

  8. I think they would be perfect for you Cal, as they are a v reasonable height for a louboutin, and look like they would be easy to walk in, and a classic style that will last ages :smile:
  9. according to my SA size up half a size and he's so right cuz when i tried my normal size on i killed my feet