Louboutin boots - did I faux them up?

  1. Hello all, I'm a newbie! But, I am so excited as I found a GORGEOUS pair of Louboutin boots for muy cheap at MARSHALLS. They're black leather, flat riding boots, with buttons up one side, folded top (pirate-style, is there a better way to say this?), in my size, and they were only $200! :yahoo: I almost died. Anyhoo, I needed them stretched a bit, and I had worn them once and asked the cobbler about the soles as they got incredibly scratched up and the red was a torn mess. So I decided to have the shoe guy put new soles on them and he did a nice job BUT! he soled over the beloved CL name! and now I feel sad as so much of my red sole is GONE. Am I overreacting? Is there a way to salvage them? Advice please!
  2. I think once they glue the new soles on there its pretty hard to get them off with out messing them up. The red color comes off so easily anyway that ripping off the new sole will completely remove the red paint.
  3. That's what I thought. So do people just seriously not wear these shoes out and about? I think that's ridiculous! How can people spend so much and not WEAR them? I guess if you're on the red carpet all the time you don't have to worry about it. Ordinary peeps like me aren't supposed to have these kinds of shoes, eh? :~) I'm still wondering if I committed a major fashion faux pas, though.
  4. omg, you found them at marshall's?!?! which store is this? i have to go!

    i've had a cobbler put a metal tip and added a sole to the bottom, but only to the part where your toes go. that's where most of the wear is anyway, and you still get to see the beautiful red when you're standing or walking!
  5. If they are new soles vs. the thin rubber protectors that are applied over the existing sole, I do not think it is reversible.

    IMO, enjoy your boots and don't worry about sole; it would eventually wear anyway.
  6. Thx shoefan. They're just the rubber soles that he put on, and you're right, I just need to enjoy them! They're gorgeous, I'm over it!

    And jennifer, Marshalls is like a TJ Maxx (they're actually owned by the same company), discount brand name stuff, but I think the louboutins were a rare find. But I've found great things there all the time. I love shopping there.
  7. They are still CL. Nothing will change that. Like said previously, the red will wear off eventually.
  8. Agreed - and by putting on the new soles NOW, you actually are protecting your shoes. Now you can wear them even on wet sidewalks and they'll still be great! If it makes you feel better, I usually put new soles on within 10 or so wears
  9. omg they have them at marshalls! you are one lucky, lucky girl! i did actually find a gold dior bag there once but it wasnt my style
  10. saw these at tj maxx for under $200:


  11. I've just had the same problem with the red soles! I was devastated! So did your cobbler actually put new, generic soles over the CL sole?
  12. There are some red rubber soles you can get and in the CL sub-forum there is a list of recommended cobblers for dealing with the CL re-soling. Two highly recommend cobblers are one in Chicago and another in NYC (Arty's). Generally for resoling CL you want to take it to an experienced CL cobbler as people have had some real problems with non-experienced cobblers seriously screwing up the shoes (even cutting right into them and destroying the profile of the shoes!).

    I can't believe people are finding CL shoes at TJ Maxx and Marshalls!! That is insane!
  13. Arty's is awesome!
  14. It is not reversible, but you can get them resoled in either red rubber or leather (then re-lacquered red). Unfortunately the name is gone forever.

    Shame on your cobbler for not knowing how the handle these shoes! So sorry that happened. :flowers:
  15. Marshalls & TJ Maxx?>>!!>>????!!!
    Lucky girls!!! The best thing my TJ Maxx ever had was an ancient pair of D&G pumps & Prada sneakers, which could have been easily found on ebay for less.