louboutin biancaneve boot

  1. hi, has anyone purchased this boot. I ordered it and it took forever to come as a matter of fact they lost the order and one day it just showed up at my house, after they told me i never ordered them. anyway, i wear a 9 or 9.5, these were 40, and feel tight, however they are suede and i believe the next size would be too big.
    Also, I worry about suede and maintenance of it and also wonder, will they be on sale next week? any opinions on this situation would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance. mary
  2. do you have a picture of it and where did you order them? sounds just right to me, suede does stretch over time so i believe the size would be just right. i usually size half size up for boots for the right comfort!
  3. ladydeluxe, thanks for responding, not good at posting pictures but they are on the website of Barney's, they are a flat suede gray boot.thanks
  4. Hello, I have these boots. Mine fit, but are a tiny bit tight as well. I usually like to go up half a size for boots, but they didn't have them in stock. (I bought them in NYC store when they first came out.) They haven't really stretched yet, and I feel like they won't stretch much. That being said, the slight discomfort is worth it to me. These are my favorite and most beautiful boots. And I do not think they will go on sale. I think they already sold out in NYC. My opinion is to keep them and hope they stretch out a bit, but they worth the slight amount of pain in my opinion.
  5. thanks chicbobeep
    one thing i also wondered, the suede is so beautiful do you have concerns about it getting ruined, did you treat them if so with what thanks so much
  6. I was worried about this, and i brought it up the SA. He said that suede is actually well suited for rain and snow. It's a winter material, and made that way. Now, I wouldn't wear if it was pouring or snowing hard. I try to wear patent leather on those days. But I did wear the boots after a hard days rain, and accidentally dipped the front toe in a puddle. After it dried, I rubbed the spot with a paper towel, and it was perfectly fine. So yes, after you treat the suede, I think you'll be fine. It's a beautiful boot -- I really think you should keep it!
  7. Oh and I can't remember exactly what I treated with. Just a regular suede protectant...If you have a shoe cobbler, ask them what they recommend.
  8. thanks so much, believe i will keep them!
  9. great, you will love them! :heart: