Louboutin and Manolo Sizing

  1. Like every other woman i love shoes. However due to my EXCESSIVELY wide feet i cant find shoes that i fit into. Since CL and MB are my faves (and for the heck of it) which designer has wider shoes? The avg width of a shoe is a B and i am a D/DD :push: Much help would be greatly appreciated! :flowers:
  2. manolos are definitely wider. by far. at least for me.
  3. Do you mean between CL and MB which is wider? From reading this forum MB. If you mean what other designer has wider shoes, I know Prada shoes are cut a bit more generously than others and they are extremely comfortable too.
  4. MB are definately wider, and easier to find for comfort. Cl has always been a little hit or miss for me.

    Gucci have been really comfy for me and I have a wider foot too.
  5. i started a similar thread abt. this too..finally went and tried on both mb and cl..my feet are bet.M to W.i'm tts in dior, gucci & miu-miu..Manolo's fit me better than CL.but jimmy choo's and MB are almost the same width-wise for most shoes.best bet is to try them all to see which one fits best..
  6. i also agree, manolo's are cut way better for wider feet than loub's. make sure you try them on though, since different styles may vary.