Loubees on adventure! Share your fun, amazing or sweet stories of you Loubees!

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  1. #1 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    Ok, ladies. I've been think of this thread for a while.

    From time to time I read some GREAT stories of your shoes. How they travel, how they break, how they meet your cat, how they became yours and what happened the last time you had them on.
    And so on... :smile:

    I wanna hear all the wonderful and magical stories!

    So let the show begin.

    To get you in the mood for tonight's show, I will begin by sharing some of my own Louboutin Fairytales :love:
  2. This summer we had a fantastic festival in Copenhagen called New Circus. It has noting to do with traditional circus. It's new performance. So clever and so magical.

    I went with my Barbie Pink Biancas to see a show with a French circus.


    The circus was breathtaking and amazing -and very difficult to describe.
    There was a very charismatic (and strong) man doing tricks with a tiny lady.

    The drama begins
    In the beginning of the show I took my shoes off.
    Background story: I've got (what my bf calls) elastic feeling for time. This means I'm often late. Also this night, so we where really driving fast on our bikes to get there in time.
    Result: very warm feet!

    So imagine me sitting on the bench on the highest seat with approximately two meters down. I'm all in to the show, and suddenly I move my left leg, and the little pink shoe falls down -through all the metal poles holding all the benches (I hear it bumping) and finally lands on the concrete. :wtf:

    The entire show I hold my breath and try to forget the shoe and enjoy the show.

    I have absolutely NO idea how to get the shoe back. Is it even possibly? :confused1:

    When the show ends my two friends begin the adventure of getting my shoes back. It is clear, that they have to get in "backstage" behind the curtain and somehow crawl under the benches.

    We're standing at the curtain in the side of circus when suddenly the big, strong, French man arrives:
    "Can I hep you" (said with a French accent)
    Me: "Eehm, yes. I lost a shoe!"
    He: "You lost a shoe?!?!" (all smiling.

    So the big man crawls in on rescues my shoe. Arriving back to me he deny to give me the shoe. He looks at it with a big smile and a glimpse in the eye: "What a wonderful shoe!"
    I'm standing two steps higher than him on the stair.
    Then he kneels down and place the shoe on my feet and tells me that he wants to do it like Cinderella.

    And I really felt like Cinderella! :kiss:

    And the shoe? The shoe got a mark to remind my of my Cinderella fairytale:
  3. Fabulous story! How poetic...
  4. Good idea for a thread! Lovely story- and lovely shoes:graucho:
  5. Great idea for a thread! I can't wait to read more stories. :biggrin: Someday, I will have a story of my own to share...someday... :girlsigh:
  6. Wonderful Story! but i couldn't help but think "YOU BICYCLED TO THE CIRCUS FAST IN YOUR PINK BIANCAS?????????"
  7. I love this thread, but I have no interesting stories to tell. I really need to take my CLs on adventures! I'm glad you Biancas had a happy ending!
  8. Awww, I love your story! It is so cute. I would have had a very hard time focusing on the rest of the shoe thinking about my shoe.

    I can't wait to hear more stories.
  9. Ohh, Barbie pink bianca seems like a perfect choice. The pics are amazing and lovely story,yousofine! Glad you found your shoe!:nuts:
  10. I love your story, yousofine! And I love how you think of the scar on your shoe as a souvenir.
  11. Lovely story, yousofine!
  12. What a cute story!
  13. what a great thread!

    yousofine awesome story..I wouldn't have been able to sit still and enjoy the show. Thanks for sharing. :flowers:
  14. Glad you like the thread. I hope you others have stories to share too :smile:

    I can tell you that it was very difficult in the beginning not to think of the shoe during the show, but I made a decision to "forget" the shoe. I knew that it couldn't run away :biggrin:

    Now I have covered the scar with a little bit of pink nail polish so I still have the scar and the souvenir but it isn't "disturbing" the GREAT look of the shoe. They are my favourite pair!
  15. The first story is awesome! And I love this thread :smile: