Lou rainbow crystal monogram bag - grotesque or gorgeous?

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Grotesque or gorgeous?

  1. Grotesque - what were you thinking?

  2. Gorgeous - love it!

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I was able to score this bag during the post Christmas sales. My sister literally said it looks grotesque lol :lol: I need feedback, what do you guys think? It’s black suede for reference. Thanks!

    35E11406-8281-40B3-8D08-A36445720A2E.jpeg CFBAF0C1-B221-41A8-9FFA-1EC3ABA569C7.jpeg
  2. Your sister knows of what she speaks. I've had similar thoughts when I've seen this one in person.

    Although, I've been known to rock items that others may not initially understand, so only keep if it's something you really love and fits your aesthetic.
  3. I don't think it's grotesque. However, it's not gorgeous either. But it totally depends on your aesthetics. I can imagine it will suit Betsey Johnson, or someone who dresses in a colourful way. It can also spice up a neutral outfit.
  4. Grotesque is not the word I would use, different yes. If you’ll wear then go for it. Lots of colors to work with here.
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