Lou Lou puffer from Vitkac not made of lamb skin?

I’m seeing the description for the loulou puffer at Vitkac saying it’s made of calfskin:

I actually recently ordered one from Harrods (where the details don’t specify the type of leather) but when I received it , it was really rough and not buttery like the one I had from Neiman’s that I compared it to side by side.

does anyone know if they just don’t make them in lambskin for the ones they sell in Europe or something?
My Medium Puffer from Vitkac is definitely the soft, smooth lambskin.

One thing I noticed about Vitkac's site is that you have to look at measurements and compare against the YSl site to be sure the size is listed properly. Vitkac lists a 'Large Envelope" that is definitely the medium based on measurements. I was a little worried that my Medium Puffer would turn out to be a small, but the measurements matched up, so I took the chance, and it really is a Medium.

Vitkac's return policy is great, though...I'm in the US, and they sent a prepaid return label with the original invoice, etc, so I don't imagine it would be too much trouble to return it. They also ship free, and fast...I ordered mine on a Thursday, it shipped that Sunday and arrived Wednesday. I can't get things from within the US that quick!
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I have found that with YSL, and even some other brands that have the puffy style bags that there’s a variation in softness pending what color and finish the leather has. The darker the color, the softer it is. Also with YSL some have a shiny finish versus a more matte finish. The shiny finish ones are the softest. I’ve had 3 YSL puffers. My black SHW one is crazy soft. Love it. My storm grey with SHW is very soft too. I had blanc vintage with SHW and it had a matte finish and wasn’t very soft at all.
I just ordered a toy loulou from Vitkac and I was very pleased with the price, packaging, fast shipment and fast communication! I will definitely be ordering from them again!
I just ordered from them after reading all the good reviews. I just received my Niki and the overall process was good, but the bag or chains /front magnet area were not wrapped with any protective covers or plastic, it just had the tag attached to the strap. Would just like to check if this typical for them? TIA
Thanks for your response. I haven’t had a bag shipped out to me like that and it does take away from the whole experience, imo. However, the bag has no issues that I can see, and is now out of stock, but not sure if this was a floor model or something.….