Lou Lou Puffer Bag in Medium

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  1. Hello! First time poster :smile: I recently bought the medium college bag in black and gold. I’m so obsessed with it and already want another YSL bag. I’m eyeing the puffer bag in a medium! Does anyone own this bag? Two colors I’m interested in are the concrete and blanc vintage. Based off of the photo online it looks like the concrete has a brownish tint. Is that accurate irl? Is the blanc vintage just white? 515106C3-45BC-499A-B4F8-C5359306F0E9.png 4AC62D85-4C89-42CA-88ED-62FA90458811.png
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    Not the most helpful, but I've searched for so many photos of this bag online and just ordered the granite in medium which I think is a cooler-toned gray, a truer gray I would say. That's what made me choose the color, since I think I could wear it with some warm toned clothing, too. Blanc vintage has looked different to me in many photos under different lighting, but from my comparison, I noticed that it is warmer toned -- a bit like an off-white, cream color. Concrete does look like a dark brown-gray/taupe-gray.

    Sorry if it's not totally helpful as I have not seen all these colors in real life, but thought I'd pipe in anyhow with what I have seen in photos!

    I did see a few photos of the Blanc Vintage in the other threads:
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  3. Blanc vintage is really nice in person. It’s not white white, a little more off white/ivory