Lou Lou Belt Bag

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  1. Hello, does anyone have this bag? If so how do you think it compares to the Gucci belt bag?

    So many versions such a tough choice!
    TIA xx
  2. Hi is this the bag you’re talking about? I really like it. Which Gucci did you have in mind?
    7232667A-393B-4F93-93AC-FEA44724BB3D.jpeg 244F329E-7C7A-422B-B893-50A9E15A5F5E.jpeg
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  3. Yes this is the one comparing this to the Gucci black marmont belt bag
  4. Tough as they’re both very cool. I personally would get the YSL one because it has more classic elements like a classic square shape, Chevron quilting, iconic YSL logo. I also like that the strap is slim and the tassel is detachable. The Gucci with the oval shape and zig zag stitching and big GG is very trendy and will date soon. Just my opinion though. :smile:
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  5. I've purchased and returned both. They're both a tight fit for most modern smartphones capacity wise and aesthetically very limiting. You're better off with a mini bag that can convert into a belt bag as they're a more versatile better value and IME look way better when worn at your waist or hips.
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  6. Thank you very much for the tip! Both of you have answered my concerns!
  7. I got the Fendi one and returned it because of the belt was slide down when I wear dress & I tried the YSL
    Lou Lou Belt bag but I don’t really like the belt because of too thin! Finally I chose Gucci!
  8. Hi! I tried a variation of this Lou Lou belt bag in the store the other day. The one I tried on didn't have the chevron style on the front but was basically the same style. But anyway, I didn't like it at all! I really liked the belt bag (with the chevron) online & was really considering buying it. But the bag I tried on the store just wasn't that appealing in person! The strap was way to thin - I had a dress on & it was sliding down making it awkward looking. The SA stated that you can where it with ANYTHING not just pants/jeans. Well it wasn't appealing just laying across my hips without belt loops holding it up.

    Also, you shouldn't expect to fit much in this bag because it's so small. This bag is ideal for a concert or sports game where you need to throw your money/cards & lip gloss in it - maybe your phone can fit (I have the iPhone X but didn't try to see if it would fit - I honestly think it would though) & that's it.

    Try to check it out in person before anything! The Gucci bag seems bigger and would fit more plus the strap is a lot thicker but I've seen so many people with that bag. The YSL version is such a breath of fresh air (& a little more feminine in my opinion).

    I would still consider getting it (with the chevron print on the front - Nordstrom has it in green which looks so nice) but I would probably only wear with items that have loop holes to hold it up. The SA says you can wear it as a cross body as well but I don't care for it like that.

    The Louis Vuitton Bum Bag is another option - cute with a thicker strap but unfortunately, it's sold out practically everywhere.