Lou-ey Lou-ey Lou-ey Lou-AI

  1. Louey Louey I'm gonna cry...:p

    Just had to post these, will get back to bags and agendas soon!!! promise:heart:
    Post  Buster love Louis.jpg
  2. They're so cute! Your doggies and Louie! As much as I want one there are too many coyotes here.

    Can't Wait too see your new LV bags and agendas! YaY!
  3. Ooh so cute :smile:
  4. adorable!
  5. aww. i love dogs!
    i hope the mods dont close this though...
  6. Can you post a pic of Louie every day so that the first thing I do is smile. :smile:
    I was telling my DH about him and he says they make very good pets and are smart. I just love him..:heart:. you are going to get me into big trouble- I want one!!:yes:
  7. OMG awesome!!! :rochard:
  8. He is cuuute. Is he cuddly? I am sorry I missed the unvailing of the great Louie I was trying to behave myself for a while. When did you get him?
  9. Get one:nuts::p

    Love the lil pug´s face when the pig is snoozeling him!
  10. awww...they are cute :smile:
  11. Thanks ya'll.. I'm worried about the mods too! But, glad you're all smiling and happy!! Next time, I'll pose them with a new bag... that way I'll be cool... with the ya know....
  12. so cute!!! :cutesy:
  13. AHHHHHHHHHH OMG!!!! i cannot believe you have a pug and a pig!!!:yahoo: my baby is in the picture, her name is minnie, cus shes so little!:love:
    but the funny thing is we call her puglet because she is so much like a pig! so she is like a pug pig! your pug must be the same because of the grunts they make etc!
    OMG it is sooooo funny!
    i love i love i love!!!:party: everyone should get a puglet!!!
  14. Yep, we call Buster the pug, pigpug... he lives to eat... on a perpetual diet... sshhhhh,

    my vernis bags are beautiful... how bout yours??? Does your pug sit in your Louis Vuitton's...???
  15. so funny! so does minnie! the vet always says shes too fat! i think its just a bit of extra skin!!! lol:p

    well, im a newbie to the LV forum and i am LV bagless at the mo!!!:sad:
    had my first ever experience in a LV boutique last thursday and came out with a clear inclusion bracelet.
    still looking for my perfect bag, i think i will get a belem damier first!:heart:

    the puglet likes to chew and snort over my fendi spy bag! i think she thinks its her second bed!