Lotza Mozzerella at Virgin Megastore Chicago

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  1. I stopped into the Virgin Megastore today on Chicago's Michigan Avenue. They had several Tokidoki t-shirts and about 9 Mozzerella toys. They are going out of business in July... so I'm holding out for clearance pricing on Mozzerella. But thought some of you might want to know.
  2. Why are they going out of busienss? I love going there when I am in Chicago:sad:
  3. i'm moving there in august! GRR!
  4. I can only assume it's because people can buy CD's and DVD's much cheaper at Best Buy or Amazon.com... and plus lots of folks are downloading music now instead of buying CD's. Our Tower Records on Wabash recently went out of business too. For Tower, the whole company went out of business, for Virgin, they said the company wasn't going out of business, just the store was shutting down.
  5. ooo mine has a lot of Polpettina and Mozzarella at ours in Aneheim (it's really Orange, CA IMO cuz I work right across the street!)

    They also got in a bunch of the khaki kitty shirts an old girl w/ tiger shirt and a few peach hoodies... I got my sandy hoodie from there!

    Let us know if tokidoki goes on clearance!!
  6. I certainly will.
  7. Please do!! I'm missing Mozzarella from my collection!! I'd love to get it cheaper!

    And just so we're still on the topic of LeSportsac bags.. They really need to put Mozzarella on all the remaining prints!! She's kinda MIA~
  8. Does anyone take their Mozarella out of the box or do people just leave her in there?

    lol just wondering ... I saw the vinyl IRL this past weekend and the milkbox conainer was so cute I couldn't imagine opening it.
  9. Isnt it?! :biggrin: I dont have one (yet) but I'd take it out of the box to take pictures with the Moofia Minions.. but thats just me. And you can always just put it back in the box.
  10. if you open it from the bottom, the packaging is still fine. that's what i did with mine.
  11. Miss : Dana - lol true .. I could put her back in afterwards. I think if I bought a vinyl I'd HAVE TO hold it just once. Ahh I don't own any vinyls yet.

    tachikomatic - ahh ok .. open it from the bottom .. lol
    Thanks! If I ever end up getting one that's what I'll do. The box is just too cute to damage but I'll be super careful!! :biggrin:

    Ok all this talk of Mozarella is making me want pizza ... time to eat
  12. We didn't take our Mozzarella out of the box but we did take our minions out of their boxes and kept all the little boxes. They make such an adorable display :love::love::love:
  13. I bought my Sandy vinyl from Virgin in SF on sale for around $5. I was sooo happy.
  14. Lattegrl: Do you know if they till have them ?
    Wow..you really got good deals !