Lotus vs. Noeud ring

Canturi lover

Dec 13, 2015
Both look stunning on you - the Noeud would be my first choice because the combination of golds look amazing on your hand. In your photograph with both on the same hand, my eye gravitates to the Noeud. Have fun choosing :smile:

Edited to add that the Lapis pave bracelet looks beautiful too.


Dec 7, 2019
Thanks! Why would you wear the noeud more for lifestyle?
I think I would wear the Noeud ring more. I would wear it to dinners out, weddings, bridal showers, really any occasion to dress up a bit whereas the lotus I envision more for black tie events, theatre. That being said, I don’t have either of these rings, and it would be great to hear from those lucky ladies who do how they wear theirs!
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