Lotus Veneta (and Noce!) Pics!!!

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  1. I got my gorgeous BVenetas and I LOVE them!!!! :love:

    The Lotus is the medium sized Veneta which is perfect and the color is gorgeous!!! Perfect for the summer and winter.

    Here are some photos....simply beautiful!


    With Flash:

  2. The Lotus is yummy.
  3. Beautiful - milk chocolate cake with peppermint icing!!
  4. Wow, they`re both stunning! The Lotus colour looks so soft!
  5. Sweet!! Congrats on your delish pair!!
    --- love your avatar too. is that a ring? ---
  6. really really pretty~
  7. My avatar is actually one of my handmade glass beads. Each petal/flower is made out of glass!

    And yes....Delish is a perfect word to describe the BV's!!!
  8. :woohoo::yahoo:
    Congrat Contessa!
    Both are stunning!

    I can't even pick which one I like better because both are equally gorgeous..:girlsigh:
  9. Many Congrats Contessa! I love your veneta twins!!! Even together the colours complement each other so well. Enjoy!
  10. Heavenly!
  11. congrats on the venetas. lotus is just beautiful!
  12. omg..lovely:drool:
  13. Wowzee, they are beautiful, enjoy.
  14. i can smell the leather from here! absolutely beautiful!
  15. Thanks to all for the wonderful comments!

    I love these SO much....BV is truly exquisite! I look forward to wearing and enjoying them both!

    Somehow, I don't think they'll be my last!