Lotus anyone?

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  1. Hello to you all....must admit I have been lurking, and definitely doing my research on BV. Thanks to all of you who feed my lust.....
    Looking at purchasing a zip around wallet as my first.....really love the lotus color but am concerned about dirt, mars etc on such a light color.
    ANyone have a lotus...particularly wallet...and can provide advice?
    Of course it is safer to go with a darker color...but I hate being safe ALL the time...
    THanks everyone in advance
  2. Welcome to the BV subforum! I totally hear you - as I have a white (bianco) Montaigne that I think I am too scared to ever take out of the house!!

    I believe there was a very light pink colour for SS07 as well, so perhaps some people here will have experience with how that and the other really light colours have actually worn over a bit of time. I do wonder if it is more practical to get such light colours in items that are not used as regularly as a wallet - but that is just me...
  3. Thanks for the reply BookerMoose, and I too hope that others chime in on this....there is even a gorgeous light blue in this season's collection....yummy yummy. I don't have the lifestyle that would allow me to change my wallet on a whim, although I would love to use this LOtus as the spring, summer version.
    Even that light camel color (can't remember name right now) would be concerning to me.....but I haven't fallen in love with it like the lotus:p
  4. amazonb,
    welcome to the bv family!

    i have a lotus mini veneta and i am loving it to death. it is a nice sweet colour that is easy to match. i have not taken any action pics of it yet, but you can see pics of the bag here

    bv allows you to bring back the bags every 6 mths to the shop for free cleaning...so i tink it should be ok. but at the end of the day, buy a colour coz u like it.
  5. Oh my goodness...that mini is luscious!!!
    I think you ladies have convinced me to grab the wallet in lotus.
    BTW, thanks so much for the advice about the cleaning service....what a great service....
    Can't wait to see action photos of your mini....
    In the meantime, I will be dreaming of lotus
  6. Hi amazonb, Lotus is very similar to a SS'07 colour Magnolia, pale baby pink. Very pretty and sweet colour. Not to be a wet blanket, I think for a wallet, this colour would not be able to stand the usage. Remember, a wallet is heavily utilise, much more than a handbag esp if you're not switching wallets. I would say Camel might be a better colour for a wallet but nothing beats Nero (black), Ebano (dark brown) or even exotic skins like Karung (in Brass) or goat (in Ottone). The would be much hardier and would stand up better to the abused. Just my two cents. There's nothing wrong with getting the Lotus, just be prepared to have the wear on the wallet shown.
  7. I agree with ms piggy, these light pale pinks are not for the faint of heart. I have a credit card case in magnolia that I use occasionally when I use a clutch or small bag--it has some dark smudges along the leather strips even though I am very careful when I handle it. BUT...magnolia is the color that made me fall in love with BV in the first place so I don't regret it at all. If you are going to use this wallet heavily, be sure to get specifics on BV's cleaning policy on this particular color before you buy it. I heard a while back that BV can't refurbish/restore magnolia as well due to how pale the color is, but don't quote me on that, just make sure you know exactly what their policy is.
  8. If I ever own one of those beautiful BV pastel colours, I'd spray it like crazy against BV's general recommendation.

    Don't want to be a downer, but I just can't get rid of the image of Denise Richard's magnolia veneta (borrowed from the celeb thread). Obviously she did not baby it at all, but it certainly shows that you really need to be super careful with it. Also, last time I visited a boutique I was told that BV can no longer life time guarantee their seasonal colours.

    That being said, I think the lotus is simply adorable and perfect for spring!!
  9. Oh dear.

  10. YOu know, I would actually be OK with my wallet looking a little gray over time, but not a Veneta!!!!!:sad:
    THanks everyone for your wonderful advice...I think we will go the Erbano zip around and a small change purse or cosmetic in the LOtus, yes?
  11. That sounds like an excellent idea amazonb, and I think the ebano and lotus will look just lovely together (I'm thinking chocolate cake with peppermint icing!).
  12. amazonb,
    do share pics with us when you get it. let us drool over your beauties.
  13. Baby pink and dark brown is a winning combination!
  14. yeah, like sakura blossoms against the dark brown branches of the sakura tree. definitely a good look!