Lotta CL Love~Megs Collection

  1. WOW you have an amazing collection!
  2. Thanks BagsR4Me, they are pretty but I find them really uncomfortable. I am glad they look good in my shoe closet because I don't think they will ever be a shoe I wear often.

    Thanks Sammie, I am not sure that my financial advisor had these types of investments in mind :p

    Thanks so much

    Thank you missgiannina

    Thanks Mittens, did you see the whole thing in my other thread? I am in the middle of doing my jewelry cabinet. It is really fun you should check it out.
    Thanks LH!
  3. Meg---so glad to finally see your CL Collection!!! I knew you would be bitten by 'the bug'.:greengrin: I can totally relate!!! Lovely collection----my favorites are the Lady Pony and purple Rolando's. Gorgeous!!!
  4. Lovely collection! The lady ponies are TDF! :faint:
    and love that closet!
  5. Meg, no I have not seen your other thread. I will go check it out right now!!!:smile:
  6. Thanks Beth. I will try and heed your advice though. This is a dangerous place:sweatdrop:
    Thank you Laleeza I am really glad that I got them. They are a gorgeous shoe and really comfortable.
  7. Amazing closet and gorgeous collection! Thank you for sharing your beauties!
  8. :lol: Well, as you know, I just bought several pairs myself after taking a 2 year break from CL!! It's hard to stop once you start. :yes:
  9. :hugs:
  10. classy and fabulous is correct! beautiful collection. I wish I had a closet like that... :love:
  11. i love your collection and YAYYY! Your closets done!
  12. Beautiful collection, with lots of diversity Meg! I am in absolute love with your closet though, it is perfection :love:
  13. Gorgeous collection and tdf closet!

    Your closet is BEAUTIFUL and those shoes are definitely going to be sooo pampered in there!
  15. You have a gorgeous beyond gorgeous collection! OMG I could live in your closet! :faint::faint::faint:If I had that closet I would just stick my mattress in there and sleep in it ! To Die For!!!! Your closet n collection inspire me to work way harder so maybe one day I can have a closet like yours!:ghi5: Thank you for sharing!