Lotsa Koobas and Fiores spotted-MAJOR Discounts!

  1. Hi everybody,
    I was in Off Saks 5th ave. today and they have brought in an extensive collection on last years Kooba bags and Isabella Fiore bags at AMAZING prices- each one at least 50% off the retail price. And to top it off, the color selection they had was AMAZING too! Lots of light colors for upcoming spring. They had different styles to choose from. (Sienna, Marcelle, Braeden, Ginger...can you tell I am in love with Kooba?) Lots of Isabella Fiore in amazing colors as well, but I'm not so familiar with style names.
    I live in NY and the store was located in LI, but I would hit up any OFF SFA and see if they have these in stock by you!!:yahoo:
  2. Thanks so much for reminding me to check with my local Off Saks. (I'm in FL.) They did have some Koobas in stock but they were not marked down. But at least I tried. (I love Koobas, too!)
  3. wow, great deals.. thanks!
  4. the off Saks in Westbury?!?!...i went last week and they didnt have much..........i will try to get there today, if so
  5. Thanks for posting. I went to my local off saks, and they didn't have anything I liked!
  6. Did they have the marcelle in black. I went to an off saks by me and they did have a lot of koobas, but multiple of the same design.
  7. Thanks for the info. I went to my local Off 5th and they did not have much of anything.:crybaby:
  8. Yes the one in Westbury....
    Harmoni, I only saw the marcelle in ivory - which by the way I could NOT find last year when I wanted it!!
  9. I'm bummed, I used to live near an Off Fifth, but left the state and now don't have any near me. :sad: